About Me



Hi there. My name is Jean.  I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit.  We have so many things to talk about.

I am the baby of my family…even today, at fifty-one years old. My brothers and sisters gave me great courage growing up.  They are also a little bossy.  Still.

A tiny town in extreme western Kentucky is where I call home.  Acres and acres of lush Kentucky bluegrass, rolling hills littered with trees, creeks and streams have fostered my love of the outdoors and warm weather.

My dream was to be a writer. It was hard for me to imagine, though.  In my hometown, population six thousand, three hundred, there was only one writer and he worked for the paper.

Instead, my great aunt Opal said, “Be a teacher. If you have children, you will be on the same schedule and you will have your summers off.”


It sounded logical to me.  I received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Western Kentucky University in 1987.  I have only used that degree for approximately five minutes…

I met my husband while I was still in college. He was in veterinary school at THE (They are proud of their ‘the’, ya’ll.) Ohio State University, but he was to begin working at the vet clinic in my hometown after graduation.

My cousin, Ann, who worked there, intended to play matchmaker, and when a southern woman sets her mind to something, you should just get out of her way.  In May, Matt and I will celebrate thirty years of marriage.

Sometimes, I think that is a miracle. You see, we are polar opposites. He is tall.  I am short.  He is quiet.  I am not.  He is a math and science guy.  I love reading and writing and laughing at his grammar usage.  He loves horses and while I love their beauty and the idea of them, I’m really scared of them.

I guess we need each other. We’ve raised three children, all born within three and one half years time, just outside of Cleveland Ohio, after he took an equine (horse) veterinary job to gain experience, for what he promised would not be much over a year.

Nine winters later, we moved to Tennessee to be near family.  Matt opened his ambulatory equine veterinary clinic with his wife (me) who was scared to death of horses and knew nothing about veterinary medicine or clerical work, with three children in tow.

Life can be difficult. But, it is meant to teach us something.  While, I am a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother and most notoriously, the vet’s wife, I am also Jean Heaton.  My hardships have pushed me to remember who she is.

It is true when they say that the truth is stranger than fiction. I couldn’t make this up.  Instead, I will share with you some of the adventures, heartbreak and recovery that is the evolving story of my life.  I hope you enjoy the ride.